I’ve been a fan of All Time Low since I first heard, “Dear Maria, Count Me In.” Needless to say, I’m a sucker for pop-punk hooks and general good vibes. If you’ve been on board since those days, you’re gonna love everything about Future Hearts.

So, I’ve already set the stage that I’m biased as hell. But, if you need real proof as to how amazing this album is, look no further than the first few tracks. Right off the bat, we’ve got singles that will perforate your brains for the next several weeks. “Satellite” through “Runaways” is back to back ear candy that will ruin your appetite for dinner.

My favorite aspect to this album is that ATL has still stayed pretty true to their roots in rock with the instrumentation. While other pop-punk bands have incorporated more synths and processed/sampled percussion into their sound, ATL has gone to greater lengths in song writing to make the tracks memorable without having to rely on any gimmicks. The verse vocal writing and production on “Kids in the Dark” does sound an awful lot like “A Love Like War” from ATL’s previous album, but that’s okay because it’s still hella addictive.

My fave track on this album didn’t show it’s face immediately. After several repeats of the recording, “Cinderblock Garden” became my number 1, partially because of the throwback guitar playing that reminds me of old Fall Out Boy and because I have mega respect for vocal parts that are able to make a chorus out of odd phrases like “Cinderblock Garden.” The bridge also sounds like old-school Breaking Benjamin, something I’m totally okay with. I also love a good gang chant vocal arrangement.

All Time Low, ladies and gentlemen – a band whose music kinda makes living on Earth bearable.

Track Listing:

01. Satellite
02. Kicking & Screaming
03. Something’s Gotta Give
04. Kids in the Dark
05. Runaways
06. Missing You
07. Cinderblock Garden
08. Tidal Waves (feat. Mark Hoppus)
09. Don’t You Go
10. Bail Me Out (feat. Joel Madden)
11. Dancing With A Wolf
12. The Edge of Tonight
13. Old Scars / Future Hearts

Run Time: 45:39
Release Date: April 7, 2015

Check out the song “Satellite” here.