I admit, I am very late to the game with this release, but upon my recent exposure to the vile, insidious, gag-inducing, AWESOME band that is Aborted, I needed to share my enthusiasm for these purveyors of death metal. As an avid lover of gory horror and death metal—The Necrotic Manifesto is a kismet match in hell.

If the album art is any indication, Aborted are not a timid bunch, and their in-your-face attitude emanates through their music. Indubitably and classically death metal, The Necrotic Manifesto features bone-breaking riffs, drumwork to send your heartbeat in a frenzy, and vocal stylings that are innately otherworldly from open to close. Corpsegrinder himself is probably upset he didn’t think of such songs as “Six Feet Of Foreplay” and “Excremental Veracity” first.

Aside from the chilling themes and blood-boiling display of metallic power, Aborted takes things to the next level by adding an unrivaled element of modernity and technicality to their sound. The Necrotic Manifesto is an immaculately recorded work for the genre it falls under, and is loaded with acutely timed, agile hooks that are clearly no easy feat to pull off—merely listen the first few seconds of “The Extirpation Agenda” and you will appreciate their highly developed musicianship. Additionally, Aborted favors the usage of samples, and they do it in a manner that is truly unnerving, as in the song “Cenobites”; the clip is not for decoration, rather it successfully adds to the overall experience that is The Necrotic Manifesto.

All of this taken into consideration, it is no surprise that after 20 years Aborted is still going strong, and mesmerizing fans like myself under the sway of their keen instrumentation and deep-rooted consecration for all that is grisly and disturbing.

Track Listing:

01. Six Feet Of Foreplay
02. The Extirpation Agenda
03. Necrotic Manifesto
04. An Enumeration Of Cadavers
05. Your Entitlement Means Nothing
06. The Davidian Deceit
07. Coffin Upon Coffin
08. Chronicles Of Detruncation
09. Sade & Libertine Lunacy
10. Die Verzweiflung
11. Excremental Veracity
12. Purity Of Perversion
13. Of Dead Skin & Decay
14. Cenobites

Run Time: 42:34
Release Date: April 28, 2014

Check out the song “Cenobites” here.