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Album Review

This is Turin – “Cercis” [Album Review]

Ignore Cercis at your peril, This is Turin are coming and they will take no prisoners.



Blasting out of the UK with their debut album, Cercis, are beastly technical metal newcomers, This Is Turin. Tech metal is something that does not truly define what this monster of an album delivers though, as the listener is treated to elements of Sikth, While She Sleeps and Arnold/DeVries-era Chimaira, all blended together into something very special.

This Is Turin have been hovering in the UK underground for a little while now, earning a lot of respect among their peers, and winning a number of awards which so far has culminated in an opening slot at the Bloodstock Air Festival. And, what’s more, all of this has been achieved without a full-length release. Until now….

Yes it’s very technical and very, very heavy, but at no point does Cercis become un-listenable. Each track is well-crafted and blended so perfectly that they could, at times, be an album on their own – oftentimes you’re tricked into thinking a song has changed, then out of nowhere the hook pulls it all back together. Opener “Consume Repeat” is a perfect example, layered together with a perfectly timed cymbal tap/pause that has you air drumming along in unison.

Stand out track for me has to be “The Nameless”, it’s a fine example of what this band is capable of – brutally heavy with beautiful atmospheric patches that leave you gasping for more. Ignore Cercis at your peril, This is Turin are coming and they will take no prisoners.

Track Listing:

01. Consume/Repeat
02. Revelation 23:1
03. Carp Diem
04. The Flood
05. Transmission
06. Mothers Milk
07. Lily
08. The Nameless
09. Castigo Corpus Meum

Run Time: 42:47
Release Date: February 28, 2015

Check out the album ‘Cercis’ here.