By Pia Cabrera

What would happen if, in an instant, the electricity all over the world stopped running, and humanity was left in the dark and forced to work together to stay alive? I had the privilege of attending the Toronto premiere of The Unplugging, a play presented by The Factory Theatre and Native Performing Arts that illuminates native culture through partnership, struggle, and survival.

Written by multi-award winning aboriginal playwright Yvette Nolan and directed by Nina Lee Aquino, the show stars two veterans of the Toronto theatre community, Diana Belshaw and Allegra Fulton, as well as newcomer Umed Amin. Together, they tell the journey of two aging Indigenous women who are forced to begin a new life in a post-apocalyptic world, living off the land as their ancestors did before them.  The script effectively demonstrates how they settle into their new reality, through optimism, honesty and teamwork. They later encounter a young man whose presence threatens their way of life.

The play is an amazing illustration of the indigenous spirit, through fascinating traditional compositions, sound effects and lighting. Not to forget the remarkable production and set. It not only exhibits native culture, but also validates the true meaning of partnership, friendship and unity, and how important it is to work together during times of despair and struggle.

This play will definitely have you fascinated from beginning to end with its dramatic and theatrical storyline. Be sure to check out the show running through March 5th to April 5th at the Factory Theatre for only $23 – $45.