Welsh rockers The Dirty Youth have been knocking about the rock scene for a good few years now, building up a reputation for high-energy live shows and huge, anthemic pop-rock songs. It’s a reputation that has seen them invited back to appear on the bill at Download Festival three times now and one that has seen their following grow with each visit.

Gold Dust is the follow-up to their well-received full-length debut, Red Light Fix, and sums up everything that is making this band such a hit with UK rock fans. Starting off with the rampant “I’m Not Listening To You,” everything about Gold Dust sounds massive. Recent singles “Alive” and “The One” have it all, from a slick hook to positive, singalong lyrics – both attributes that make Gold Dust such a great example of how effective pop and rock can be when they’re fused together the right way.

Elsewhere “Just Move On” has a sickeningly catchy chorus while “Bury Me Next To Elvis” is a quirky slice of pop-rock gold. In fact, spinning through the album, it’s hard to even pick out a weak track which, for a band who have everything going for them already, puts them in the sort of position that, given the right push, should see them blow the rock scene right up.

Up until now The Dirty Youth have been a band who’ve bubbled under, occasionally popping their head out into the big wide rock world to cause a bit of a fuss before heading underground again. Gold Dust has all the elements to become as much a commercial hit with the mainstream as it will with metal fans, and it’s hard to deny them their chance for glory when they come at you armed with such a flawless piece of work.

Track Listing:

01. I’m Not Listening To You
02. Alive
03. Just Move On
04. The One
05. The Darkest Wedding
06. Invincible
07. Bury Me Next To Elvis
08. Don’t Feel Right
09. Who I Am
10. Bedroom Karate
11. Holding On

Run Time: 40:13
Release Date: April 5, 2015

Check out the track “The One” here.


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