Warner Music Canada

By: Matthew Bamber

If you are a fan of EDM and have been living under a large sized rock for the past year, then you may not have heard about the new collaboration project that two of the worlds biggest DJ’s have come together to create. Skrillex and Diplo have combined their minds, talent, and production skills to bring you Jack U.

I first wondered what all the hype was about when I watched the live stream for Miami’s Ultra Music Festival last year. Among the best DJ’s in the world, everyone could not get over the set put on by the mysterious Jack U. We now know that this is the collaboration of Skrillex and Diplo.

The 10-track album displays all your favourite beat patterns from both artists, with a little spice in between. There are many features on the album that include 2 Chainz, the first Justin Bieber appearance in over a year, AlunaGeorge and many more. The first single Take U There Ft. Kiesza saw great feedback among fans and even sparked a Missy Elliot remix after her performance at the Super Bowl. The track Jungle Bae has to be my favourite as it shows hints of Melbourne House which holds a soft spot in my heart. Every track is a symphony of sound that will have you jumping out of your seat.

Skrillex has been in the music industry for many years. You may remember a band called From First to Last in which Sonny Moore (Skrillex) was the lead singer. After his fallout with the band Skrillex moved on to EDM where he has seen great success with six Grammy Awards and production work for major Hollywood titles. Diplo has just as much success, with production work for Beyoncé, Madonna, Sia, Chris Brown, Justin Bieber and many more. He also founded a festival called Mad Decent Block Party which thousands of people attend each year from across North America. With all this talent it isn’t a surprise that Jack U is taking off among listeners.

Make sure to check out the new music from Jack U, and don’t forget to rave your face off while doing so.