Holy Shit! When I popped this one into the player I was not expecting to be instantly transported back 30 years to the glorious early days of speed metal but that is exactly what Ranger did. These guys , who probably weren’t even a gleam in their parents eye during the ‘80s have somehow managed to channel the vibe and essence of bands like Agent Steele sprinkled with touches of early Slayer and Iron Maiden creating a unrelenting assault of turbo-charged speed metal tunes.

I kid you not this is really unbelievable. Not only do the songs gallop along at breakneck speed propelled by rapid fire drums but they are chock full of blistering yet melodic guitar parts. The coup de grâce on here though is the vocals. The extremely high pitched voice of Dimi Pontiac is the perfect touch and makes this so much fun to listen to. Even the ten minute opus “Where Evil Dwells”’ is terrific especially as my ADD usually kicks in after the five or six minute mark and I lose interest quickly. Not this time though as the whole record is so enjoyable that I remained attentive and engaged for it’s duration; even listening to it multiple times while writing this review.

This is the kind of music I cut my metal teeth on and it holds a very special place in my heart and while this may make me a bit biased, trust me this is fantastic stuff and different from just about everything else on the scene today. I highly recommend checking this disc out, if nothing else listen to the opener “Defcon 1,” I guarantee you wont be able to put the record down after that.

Track Listing:

01. Defcon 1
02. Deadly Feast
03. Phantom Soldier
04. Dead Zone
05. Black Circle (S.Y.L.S.)
06. Where Evil Dwells
07. Storm Of Power

Running Time: Time 40:01
Release Date: 16 March, 2015