Songs From The Black Hole is the first covers album Prong has produced and, I must confess, I approached this release hesitantly. It’s not that I don’t like covers, I actually love them; however, an entire album of covers I tend to find a bit of a risk.

The opening track, “Doomsday,” is almost spot-on the original by Discharge, and in all honesty, despite a great cover, it almost could be mistaken for the original. Prong’s version of “Vision Thing” by the Sisters Of Mercy is a different story, dragging an already great song out of the ’90s and giving it a 2015 metal makeover. A similar scenario occurs with The Adolescents’ “Kids Of The Black Hole.” Now, I’m a fan of punk rock, especially from the glorious days of the ’80s, and Prong’s style of melodic metal puts a great twist on this classic.

I could go on comparing each and every song Prong pay tribute to here, but I feel I must at the very least comment on the release’s closer, the tremendous “Cortez The Killer” by Neil Young. Possibly one of my favourite Neil Young tracks, I was both exited and terrified to see how this would sound. As you would expect, the cover cannot hold a flame to the original; however, I loved this take on an amazing classic! Tommy Victor could not have done a better job, short of having Neil Young play it himself. If you love great tunes, buy this album!

Track Listing:

01. Doomsday
02. Vision Thing
03. Goofy’s Concern
04. Kids Of The Black Hole
05. The Bars
06. Seeing Red
07. Don’t Want To Know If You Are Lonely
08. Give Me The Cure
09. Banned In D.C.
10. Cortez The Killer

Run Time: 42:17
Release Date: March 31, 2015

Check out the official teaser video here.