Misterwives formed in New York City not very long ago. The band played their first ever show two years ago, and their infectious and original spark was ignited from that moment on. The next day they were promptly signed to Photo Finish Records (Republic Records). After captivating live audiences and remote fans alike with nonstop touring and their debut EP Reflections last year, it seems Misterwives is not slowing down anytime soon. In the past few weeks, this little indie band from a big city has quickly climbed the Billboard charts with their debut full-length, Our Own House.

Misterwives may be a young band, but there is no shortage of talent. Powerhouse singer Mandy Lee Duffy wrote or co-wrote every song Our Own House, and as a result, every track is purely honest—the kind of music where you can feel the artist’s true feelings, and instantly understand the real story underneath the catchy hooks and harmonious bridges.

“Best I Can Do” is a ska-infused earworm that will put even the most irritable listener in a better mood. The track “Imagination Infatuation” is an addicting dance party within itself, with a message that is relevant to everyone who has ever been enamored with an asshole. The title track is an uplifting and empowering piece of music, from the jazzy saxophone, to the groovy guitars down to the soaring vocals courtesy of Duffy. “Our Own House” encapsulates the album, as well as the blazing spirit that invigorates Misterwives.

In Our Own House, Misterwives succeeds in bringing together nuances of alt-rock, ska and jazz, and packaging it all in an effortless bundle that goes down smooth and finishes off refreshing.

Track Listing:

01. Our Own House
02. Not Your Way
03. Reflections
04. Oceans
05. Best I Can Do
06. Hurricane
07. Coffins
08. No Need For Dreaming
09. Box Around the Sun
10. Imagination Infatuation
11. Vagabond
12. Queens

Run Time: 41:33
Release Date: February 24, 2015

Check out the track “Our Own House” here.