By Pia Cabrera

Blues and jazz singer, Miss Sapphire channels the swinging spirit of the roaring ‘20s in her album, “Learn to Fly”. With a voice full of pizzazz and soul, her sultry songs will make you feel like you’re in a 1920’s cabaret show.

The 7-track album is jam-packed with Miss Sapphire’s sassy voice, accompanied by her big brassy band. Smooth tracks like “Won’t Forget You”, “Always Always” and “Would You Like” demonstrate her smoky lower register. Her versatile voice is a strength she uses to pay homage to the great blues and jazz singers of the past, including Marilyn Monroe and Rita Hayworth. She presents more fun and glamorous side of jazz in tracks like “Catch Me If You Can”, “But Baby You Don’t Fool Me” and “Masquerade”, with an electrifying background piano, drums and trumpet, delivering an enticing and exciting sound.

The short teaser video of her concert, Miss Sapphire and The Free Agents, depicts her performances as glitzy, classic and full of sass.  She certainly has a captivating stage persona.

Her album perfectly samples 1920s jazz, reminding me of Christina Aguilera’s jazzy and soulful album, “Back to Basics”. Be sure to check out Miss Sapphire, her album and her concert DVD.