Hometown shows are always something to be excited about, and for Bingley-based Rockers Marmozets, this is almost as close as it gets to a hometown show, and there is definitely a lot to be excited about.

Local lads The King is Dead open the night with their somewhat generic brand of metalcore, and whilst they put on a relatively confident performance with a decent amount of professionalism, the synchronised jumps and cliche running on the spot routine seems a little out of place. Following them are young Belgian sludge rockers Steak Number Eight, who might just be the heaviest, loudest and scariest band you’ll ever see. They are everything a heavy band should be, with huge down-tuned riffs, soaring soundscapes and demon-like vocal delivery, they put on the kind of performance that would make any headliner reluctant to follow.

Check out the song “Broken Reflection” here.

Marmozets, however, aren’t just any headliner. They’ve worked their way to the top of their game, and they’ve got everything to flaunt tonight. Their hard work and dedication finally payed off last year when they signed to Roadrunner Records, and released one of the most exciting albums of the year, The Weird and Wonderful Marmozets. The venue is packed and the atmosphere is exhilarating, and as the lights dim and the menacing intro music plays, the excitement level in the crowd steps up even more.

They hit it off with “Move, Shake, Hide” which gets the crowd moving and the sweat dripping, and they don’t hold back, raging through bangers from their recent album, until the fifth song of their set, “Captivate You,” which is enormously epic. The song ends but the crowd keeps singing, and it’s such a beautiful sight it almost brings Becca [Macintyre, Vocals] to tears. Back to the heavy, they continue to tear up the stage and energise the crowd with tracks like “Particle” and “Vibetech,” which sees guitarists Sam Macintyre and Jack Bottomley spinning and stomping out of control, and drummer Josh Macintyre batter his kit as if it’s just insulted his mother. They slow it down slightly with “Back to You” to give the crowd a moment’s rest before they end their set, and Sam decides this is the moment to get in the crowd and feel the energy a little bit more.

Marmozets aren’t a band to mess around, and they don’t want to bore a crowd by making them wait for an encore, so they belt out their final tune “Why Do You Hate Me?” with outstanding energy. It’s a heavy and emotional ending to an incredible night, and Marmozets have shown they have everything a band needs to be successful. If you want to see a band who are as exciting and innovative as it gets, then go and see Marmozets. I promise you won’t be disappointed.

Catch Marmozets on the road in the USA with The Used, Every Time I Die, and Chevelle throughout April and May 2015.

Move, Shake, Hide
Is It Horrible
Weird and Wonderful
Love You Good
Captivate You
Broken Reflection
Hit the Wave
Born Young and Free
Back to You
Why Do You Hate Me?

Check out the song “Move, Shake, Hide” here.