It’s a cold, wet, miserable night here in London and while the heavens have opened up on the street dwellers, us reasonably sane people took shelter down at The Underworld!

Ashes start the night off in absolutely blinding fashion, weaving a mix of heavy passages, groove-laden riffs and melodic choruses that would give any band a run for their money. Coming out like a hurricane ready to devastate the crowd, for Ashes to be the opening band on this tour is a surprise given how excellent they really are, especially vocalist Jonny Meaney who easily controlled the crowd, working them up into a frenzy. Imagine if Alter Bridge had been around early in the ’90s and found themselves pinned up between Pantera and Machine Head, you’d get Ashes. Delighting the crowd with the heaviest sound they’ll hear tonight, it’s a shame they only had a short set as the punters here tonight certainly wanted more.

Next up came E of E, who are taking on the role of the buffer band tonight. Having to follow Ashes was not an easy thing although, while the two different musical styles clash, the performance given wasn’t to be taken lightly by any means. Progressive enough to not sound too progressive yet pop-structured enough to not be offensive, they couldn’t raise the interest of the crowd who seemed disinterested throughout even as they performed their rendition of the “Zero Bullshit” by Slipknot. Who knows? Maybe on another night they may have fared better, but wedged between Ashes and The Hyper Theory is a hard place to be.

Next up are The Hype Theory who, thanks to vocalist Katy Jackson, win the title of smiliest band on the planet – engaging, fun and more intimate and all because of Katy’s personality. Having politeness down to a tee, asking how everyone was feeling they earn themselves the best reaction of the night and it’s all because these guys know how to work a crowd by just being themselves. Musically, they play powerful pop-punk-rock in the vein of Paramore, but, lets face it, these guys are way better.

This crowd tonight is dressed to kill which would usually be a strange thing to see except the headline act tonight is Yorkshire’s Glamour Of The Kill. Cock-rock meets metalcore is the perfect way to describe these guys music and that is not an insult! Imagine Bullet For My Valentine singing more about sex and partying instead of… whatever Matt Tuck has decided to ramble on about this year.

The anticipation levels are raised as the night has been leading up to this point and, with the crowd packed full of GOTK shirts, you know they’re only here to hear anthemic metalcore at it’s finest and they’re not left disappointed. Davey Richmond swaggers onto the stage and doesn’t need to say a word before being flooded with cries and cheers. The band take little time to lay waste to The Underworld, concentrating heavily of their new EP The After Hours, most notable offering being “Earthquake” which felt like exactly that, bludgeoning heaviness with the crowd hanging on every word of the chorus.

Glamour Of the Kill finish up their set having put on a real show for their loyal fanbase and leave you with no doubts as to why they’re hailed as one of the best acts that the UK has to offer!

Check out the song “Lights Down” here.