The back-story of Dine Alone Foods isn’t elaborate; it’s not centered around culinary decadence, or inaccessible flavors. It’s about two friends, who have shared the same love of good music and good food, who came together, combining their experiences and passions. From touring stadiums across the world, to weekend patio cookouts over a case of beer, owners Jordan Hastings and Joel Carriere have built their company on the core values of loving what you do and the people you work with.

Hastings’ musical career in the critically acclaimed, JUNO winning Alexisonfire led to years of constant travel, touring and playing to sold out venues and arenas for the better part of a decade. A lifelong passion for cooking has since led to a collection of recipes from all over the world.

Carriere is the president and owner of Dine Alone Records (City and Colour, The Lumineers, Jimmy Eat World), and Bedlam Music Management (City and Colour, The Sheepdogs, Monster Truck). His love of food, combined with his shared tour memories from years of managing Alexisonfire and award-winning marketing experience matches hand-in-hand with Hastings’ culinary background.

“Being a musician is all about using your senses as a guide,” says Hastings. “The passion that goes into writing/playing a piece of music is one in the same with using your senses to create a dish with the perfect ingredients.”

The result is a uniquely crafted line of All Natural sauces, featuring the thick, comforting Southern Blues BBQ sauce, and the sweet and smokey Northern Soul chipotle BBQ sauce. For the brave at heart, Dine Alone Foods is also proud to offer their surprisingly flavourful Rock N Roll hot sauce.

“When you can pair up a great idea with people who can execute it with soul and passion, the limits are endless.” notes Carriere, “It just makes sense to follow the heart.”

Having already made their mark on the music industry, Carriere and Hastings are ready to bring that same, grit force to the culinary world, with Dine Alone Foods.