Southern charm, doomed spirits, and classic rock & roll grooves are all rustically packaged together in XII Boar’s brand-spanking new full-length album, Pitworthy. If you ever find yourself enjoying the music of Motorhead, throwing back a couple shots of Jack Daniels before riding a mechanical bull, and/or have ever owned a pair of black cowboy boots, XII Boar (pronounced ’12 Boar’) may be your metal spirit animal.

Guided by growling and raspy vocals, Pitworthy packs a punch. Catchy hooks, sonic riffage, and solos that Randy Rhodes would be smiling upon, permeate this record. They describe themselves as “hip swaying, booty shakin’ metal”— and this could not be more accurate. Opening track “Sharpshooter” will have you air-guitaring in no time, as the rest of the album follows suite. Other notable songs are “Battle Boar,” “Rock City,” and “Young Man.”

Although Southern metal is not my favorite, I really love that XII Boar runs with the conventions of the genre while making it their own. Featuring audible influences from the great Pantera, Black Sabbath and Hellyeah—with a modern swagger, I encourage all listeners to channel your inner “Cowboy from Hell” and embark on the demonic rodeo that is Pitworthy.

Track Listing:

01. Sharpshooter
02. Young Man
03. Crushing The P
04. The Schaeffer Boogie
05. Pitworthy
06. Crawdaddy Blues
07. Chicken Hawk
08. Battle Boar
09. Rock City
10. Quint

Run Time: 48:12
Release Date: March 9, 2015

Check out the song “Chicken Hawk”.