If Hasta La Meurte, 2012’s offering from Californian hardcore mob Xibalba, was one of those albums that made you feel so nasty that you wanted to scrub yourself clean with bleach after you’d listened to it, be warned, the follow-up, Tierra Y Libertad, sees the Cali chaps take their filth to a whole new level.

Mashing together hardcore and death metal, Tierra Y Libertad is a masterclass in how extreme music can sound truly intimidating. Sounding like it was written in a rat infested basement, the material on Tierra Y Libertad has a raw, disturbing air about it as the likes of “En Pas Descanse” and “Invierno” are smashed out by five blokes you really don’t want to be meeting in a dark alley. Fronted by Nate Rebolledo, a man who, on the evidence of his vocals on Tierra Y Libertad, clearly gargles a daily cocktail of piss, blood and broken glass, Xibalba really are as unpleasant as groaning balls of grime like “Si Dios Quiere” would have you believe.

Still, just when you thought things couldn’t become any darker, these five twisted minds prove you wrong by closing the album off with a thirteen-minute sensory assault going by the name of “El Vacio”. A haunting, disturbing, truly hypnotic piece of music, Xibalba end this album in truly crushing fashion leaving you wondering what exactly the fuck you have just put your mind and body through.

Hasta La Meurte Track Listing:

01. Enemigo
02. Guerilla
03. Invierno
04. Pausa
05. En Paz Descanse
06. Tierra Y Libertad
07. Si Dios Quiere
08. El Vacio

Run Time: 43:29
Release Date: January 26, 2015

Check out the video to “Enemigo”


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