Californian group Trapt have been a band in various forms since 1995, let that sink in for a second. That’s 20 years, although they didn’t really fully burst on to the scene until 2002 with their breakthrough album Trapt, which spawned the no. 1 single “Headstrong” that was everywhere for all of 10 minutes!

That said, Trapt really are a great band and Reborn is a good album filled with plenty of hooks, angst, and a multitude of layers which should be enough to keep the listener engaged… in 2002. Incidentally, this album reminds me of UK band Number One Son, who by chance released their last album in 2003!

Here is the main problem… Reborn itself is listenable; full of melodies that will have you singing along with the aggression you’d expect from any band in this genre, lead track “Bring It” is a good example of what the guys can do. Moreover, “Experience” and “Eye of the Storm” are really great rock ballads that fans of bands like 3 Doors Down or Theory of a Deadman should eat up, BUT it’s still a release I’d really only listen to if I was feeling nostalgic.

I remember seeing these guys at a tiny venue in London back in 2003, but it feels like they are stuck and don’t seem to have really moved on. it feels like they’re trying to recreate the success of “Headstrong” using the same formula for song writing as they used back then. Who knows, nu-metal may be making a comeback this year with the “potential” release of a new Limp Bizkit album but, sorry guys, this offering is less “Reborn” and more “Rehash”!

Track Listing:

01. Bring It
02. Love Hate Relationship
03. Experience
04. Living in the Eye of the Storm
05. Livewire (Light Me Up)
06. Strength in Numbers
07. Get Out of Your Own Way
08. Going Under
09. Too Close
10. When It Rains
11. You’re No Angel

Run Time: 41:14
Released: December 12, 2014

Check out the song “Love Hate Relationship”