Rhythm & Chaos

By Matthew Bamber


This just in is the new EP Back Again from drum and bass producer Sam Pool, or better known by alias SPL. The EP brings intricate melodies that layer on top of one another to create a rather dark symphony of music that bass heads will be thrilled to hear. I have had SPL on my radar since 2013 and this EP radiates what fans love about his music.

Since the get go in the early 2000’s, SPL has been generating a unique style that is all his own by combining different elements from different genres of EDM music. Taking inspiration from Drum & Bass, Dubstep, and Electro; it is easy to get lost in the small background noises that stitch the tracks together into the final piece of music.

Having released a few singles already in 2015, this two-track EP keeps fans focused on what kind of sound they should expect to hear from SPL in the coming months. The first track “Back Again” combines intricate, fast paced melodies with chopped and screwed vocal cuts to produce a finished track dripping with sounds that are specifically unique to SPL. The second track of the EP, “Bristol Transmission” brings fans back to earlier SPL times when most of his influence came from drum & bass style sequences.

All in all this is a well-made EP that will hopefully create more of a spotlight for SPL in 2015. The EP will be available through the newly created record label Rhythm & Chaos.  It is now available on Beatport and will be available everywhere else March 3rd.