Pia Cabrera

The Hand (Canada)


Toronto band Programm has released their new EP, entitled Like The Sun, and it’s not hard to tell this band loves to create and deliver music  in a creative way, with atmospheric song and sensual, edgy music videos.

The band is made up of four members, Jacob Soma (Guitar, Vocals), Jackie Game (Bass, Vocals), Mark Game (Keys, Synth) and Andrew Reesor (Drums). With their love and insight into people, relationships and love, they were able to come together to create an powerful album.

The first song off the 4-track EP, which is also the title track and first release is Like the Sun. It’s haunting, with an overwhelmingly loud alternative electronic sound coupled with long, vibrating riffs.   Though the music may come across as dark, there is passion in the lyrics.  The music video for the song is exactly how one might picture it to be – haunting in black and white, mysterious and sensual, illustrating the true sense of freedom and lust.

The vocals and melodies in the songs disappear with the sound of guitars, creating a splash of sound where no instrument was distinguishable from the other. The EP is very imaginative, inspirational and artistic, creating a shoegaze kind of sound that is very clever.