Pierce The Veil knows how to do it right! From the anticipation to confetti to sheer energy, the guys in PTV made their show in San Francisco unforgettable. When I say they started off their set with bang… I mean it! As the first song kicked off, their one-of-a-kind sheet dropped from the ceiling reveling the stage just as confetti cannons let loose!

Playing to a sold out show of 2250 people, PTV not only rocked every single person, but did so with smiles on their faces. Vocalist Vic Fuentes even brought a fan on stage to serenade them to “Bulletproof Love”. For those who haven’t yet experienced The Warfield venue in San Francisco, it’s two stories high. Bassist Jaime Preciado, took it upon himself to try and flick his picks up to the balcony seats, which proved more difficult then Preciado thought giving everyone a good laugh, including the other members of PTV. Pierce The Veil is currently on a co-healing tour with Sleeping With Sirens.