By: Alex Young

Karma to Burn has made a name for themselves for over the last twenty years as a premiere touring stoner rock band, with their viciously intoxicating instrumental assault.  Between their blistering 1999 release Wild Wonderful Purgatory and the blazing riffs on their 2010 record Appalachian Incantation, the band forged a new musical frontier for themselves with 2014’s little slice of hell, Arch Stanton. Karma to Burn is embarking on a headlining tour before scorching international audiences across the globe this coming summer, but first raised hell in Vancouver with some independent acts on the rise in tow.

Sons of the Vancouver stoner rock scene, 88 Mile Trip set the evening off with their bong-fuelled sonic assault by cranking out riffs thicker than swamp water. “…To the Oasis” contained sinister singing that soared over an onslaught of evil riffs before exploding into a mind-bending bass solo that flew through the audience. After closing their set with a cover of “Green Machine” by Kyuss, they set the bar for the evening and proved they’re a Canadian rock act climbing the ranks.

Sierra hail from Kitchener Ontario and managed to snag a permanent opening slot throughout the tour with their doom infused grooves that move at the speed of a snail but grind as deep as an ocean. Songs like “Little Smoke” and “Into Nothing” spiral into a psychedelic musical haze rooted in a consistent foundation of rock solid riffs. Don’t be shocked to see Sierra taking their tried and true strain of intoxicating tunes on the road for a club tour and playing in a town near you.

The infamous Karma to Burn swept the stage by storm with their massive wall of sound that flooded over the audience a like a musical force of nature. As the band unleashed their signature brand of volcanic stoner rock they had every track erupting like mind-melting sonic magma from every speaker. By remaining instrumental, each song was a visceral experience on a primal, without any verbal theme to shape show goers’ interpretation of the music. By playing a fistful of furious and fiery tracks from Wild Wonderful Purgatory, Almost Heathen and their newest installment Arch Stanton, fans were taken to hell and back with Karma to Burn as the soundtrack. Anyone looking for a truly unique and original live experience should witness the monolithic musical attack of Karma to Burn that will blaze itself into your memory.

Karma To Burn Set List

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