Lets set the scene, shall we? At the end of some industrial road, surrounded by a chain link fence and a plethora of New York City taxis, army trucks, ambulances, cop cars and the like, in the back of a lovely bus, bassist Chris Huot and drummer Adam Paquette take a breather from the “Lightning” video shoot to work their way through interview after interview.

Fresh off of a Juno nomination for “Best Rock Album of the Year” for their first full-length album, The Union, these dudes are stoked, literally speechless. A lot of sputtering and looks of incredible excitement breaks across both of their faces when they try to explain their reaction to the news.

“Lightning” will be the third official music video off of The Union, and this time the boys have much less creative direction. “If you watch ‘Mama,’ we had complete creative direction… it was done in two hours, you’ll see the difference,” Adam explains while Chris quietly laughs to himself. Not that the producers won’t allow their creative input, but they decided to leave it up to the professionals this time around.

Video shoots aren’t all the glamour and fabulousness I anticipated. The dudes in The Glorious Sons took it all in stride though, “I don’t think there’s much of a challenge, it’s kind of fun… when you get to see the end product, it’s always worth it.” Chris says of the process. Of all the people on set complaining about the freezing cold temperature inside (and outside) the silo where the video is set, none of it came from the guys in The Glorious Sons… and they were all rocking thin jackets and sweaters for the video.

“It’s about going out and getting what you want, don’t sit around complaining that you’re not a movie star or a musician, go out and do it,” is the meaning behind “Lightning,” according to Adam. A message they put into their video, and one they embody as they push through long hours to put together the perfect music video.

Chris shows off his ultra-Canadian side “I don’t know, I don’t want to single anyone out!” he explains his minor crisis trying to answer who he’d tour with if he could pick anyone, ever. Adam, however immediately responds with “CCR, it would be a little harder, completely different. It would also be cool to go back to the era of touring with The Rolling Stones when they were younger and the parties and all that kind of stuff… minus the heroin.”

While the boys hold out for a call from The Stones, they hit the States alongside 10 Years and Otherwise. Their first trip through the land of the free is bound to be phenomenal, still riding the high of their first Juno nomination, and anticipating the release of “Lightning’s” video, catch them on the rise.

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