Despite releasing their debut album the best part of twenty years ago, Belgium’s Insanity Reigns Supreme aren’t exactly what you would call prolific. In fact, in the seventeen years following their debut, there have only been two more releases, the last coming back in 2009. That is until now, as the band have just dropped disc number four, Unorthodox.

From the outset, though it appears to have been worth the wait, “Ov Fire” opens the album up at a ferocious and brutal pace and reminds us exactly what Insanity Reigns Supreme are capable of, before “Torment” shows the band at their best. But as the album continues it becomes clear that the guys are suffering from a little ring rust; it’s as if they are trying too hard to deliver.

Although Unorthodox is the band’s fourth release, after such a gap since their last offering, it almost feels like a debut, with the band going out to prove themselves once more. As a result, this is the sound of a band trying to find their feet again. Yes it’s a little rough around the edges at times, but the foundations are there for them to push on. Let’s just hope they do this time.

Track Listing:

01. The Conjuring
02. Ov Fire
03. Throne Of One
04. Torment
05. Moonlight Sacrifice
06. By The Blood Of The Beast
07. Cursed By The Faithful
08. The Calling
09. Opposer
10. Satanas Rex Inferis
11. Serpent Ov Fire

Run Time: 41:08
Release Date: January 16, 2015

Check out the song “Ov Fire”