If you’ve ever walked down a dark forest path, looked up into a sky painted with Aurora Borealis, or gazed into the abyss of black between the stars at night and wondered, “”What is the soundtrack to all of this?”” then If These Trees Could talk has answered your question. The band has created a sound that resonates with the surrounding environment and the unquenchable thirst within for answers to the greater questions in life.

Without vocals, If These Trees Could Talk manages to dredge up killer emotions and nostalgia through complex guitar work and precise percussion. The band tells a story with every song, which they let the listener write and interpret within their own mind. Their album, Red Forest, has achieved this in the most aesthetically pleasing way possible. The band has mentioned that they left the translation of the album to the listeners, and that many fans have interpreted Red Forest as a story of the birth and death of mankind.

With sold-out European tours and tracks that have spanned the Sony game ‘Infamous’, Sundance Film soundtracks, MTV, NHL, and more, the band has made a name for themselves since their inception in 2005. The group began jamming in drummer Zack Kelly’s basement during their college days. Up until 2014, If These Trees Could talk remained independent, creating self-motivated and inspired albums with an artistic vision. The band was recently approached by Metal Blade Records and has since signed with the label. There will be no sudden change to the creation process for the band though, and they’ll continue to conceive imaginative tracks as they have been for nearly the past ten years.

If These Trees Could Talk can attest to having no line-up changes over their entire time as a band, which is quite rare for a group with such a long-running history. Zack Kelly (drums), Tom Fihe (bass), Jeff Kalal (guitar), Cody Kelly (guitar) and Michael Socrates (guitar) have remained intact. According to Socrates, the band’s mutual clear vision for the desired sound, plus tight chemistry due to a bond that dates back to high school, has kept the band together over the years.

If These Trees Could Talk creates mood, atmosphere, and fuels emotion. The track “Breath of Life” opens Red Forest with grace, easing its way into a heavier tone then breaking through with power. Red Forest has especially evolved in comparison to their earlier album Above the Earth, Below the Sky, with more mature and progressive writing. Despite the experimentation on Red Forest, the core of their sound has remained intact.

Keep an eye out this year for a fresh album from these guys. No one knows what to expect, but if it’s anything like Red Forest, it won’t be a disappointment in any way, shape, or form.

Check out the song “Thirty Six Silos”