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Due out on February 10, 2015, Vancouver, Canada’s id. have produced a 4-song, self-released EP titled, Sagittarius A, that boasts a mix of progressive metal and rock, jazz fusion, and melodic moments. We’ll elaborate further about the band and their sound below, but first, check out our free stream and download of their song “Sagittarius A”.

“We want people to connect with our message and enjoy the diversity of our sound. The music has evolved from quite unstructured abstract ideas to come around to find a comfort zone with no borders.” comments vocalist Jason Pennington. And that’s how Sagittarius A came to be; inspired by Sigmund Freud’s theory on the levels of the human psyche, the deep musical moments are paired with topics such as inner struggle, world views, self-awareness, and what lies beyond in outer space.

Sagittarius A Track Listing:

01. The Greatest Secret Never Told
02. Humanity’s Cry
03. id.entity
04. Sagittarius A


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