Post-punk trio, I, The Lion have a new EP (titled Run), and you should listen to it. Not sold yet? Well, how do you feel about post-punk? How do you feel about GOOD post-punk? If you’re into either of those things, you’ll dig this EP. Post-punk not your jam? Well, stick around for some scintillating breakdowns, and a damn talented trio.

From beginning to end Run shows what I, The Lion has to offer. Each song showcases their talent and also puts both their instrumental and lyrical prowess front and centre. If you’re still not sold, check out “Icarus” – definitely one of the heavier songs on the album, which really goes to show that the trio is as relentless as they say they are.

Track Listing:

01. Hold Strong
02. Icarus
03: Man Made Of Mice
04. Bonny Island

Run Time: 15:44
Release Date: February 7, 2015

Check out the song “Icarus”.