Fortitude is the third album from rising Australian metalcore outfit Feed Her To The Sharks and also their first for new home, Victory Records. So, as a follow-up, how does it compare to their, frankly crushing, second album Savage Seas? Have the Melbourne quintet kept on top of their game or is Fortitude, as is the issue with a lot of metalcore these days, just a rehash of their deal-landing second album?

Well, I wouldn’t go as far as upping their game because a good slab of Fortitude is made up of precisely what has already made them such a hit on the Aussie underground scene. The breakdowns, the mosh-bits, they’re all built to inflict as much mayhem in the moshpit as they can. However, what the Aussie quintet have done is take the bulk of their sound and make it so much bigger and fuller. The production is beefier, Andrew’s vocals are harsher, the cleans are even more accessible and the riffs shred that little bit harder. Yes, there are times throughout the album like “Chasing Glory” where the name Killswitch Engage crosses your mind but then, all of a sudden, up pops a track like “Terrorist” where you’ll be too busy losing your shit to care who they sound like.

Where Fortitude really steps into its own is the intricate use of electronics to really spice things up. It may not be particularly original, but they’re woven into the mix well to just round off Fortitude nicely. So all in all, Fortitude may not be a huge leap into the unknown for the band, but it is an album that should start to see them getting noticed outside Australia.

Track Listing:

01. The World Is Yours
02. Chasing Glory
03. Burn The Traitor
04. Shadow Of Myself
05. Terrorist
06. Heart Of Stone
07. Walking On Glass
08. Fear Of Failure
09. Faithless
10. Badass
11. Let Go

Run Time: 42:09
Release Date: February 10, 2015

Check out the video for “Chasing Glory” here.


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