By Pia Cabrera

Toronto-based, power-pop/rock trio Ménage released their latest track, “Black and White TV,” following the release of their newest EP and music videos for the songs “Promises” and “Love Song”.

The band is made up of the Ferreira siblings, Fernando (guitar/vocals), Gabriel (drums/percussion), and Bela (keyboard/vocals). With their Portuguese roots, their sound is a fusion of smooth yet powerful and upbeat tracks. Their new track, “Black and White TV” truly demonstrates their Portuguese origins. With smooth guitar work at the onset, following with Bela’s soft vocals, altogether creating a passionate track.

Their EP is more of a blend of pop rock and slow tempo indie tracks. With 4 tracks on the album, songs like “Our Time is Now” and “Love Song” demonstrates the band’s ability to create music that is redolent to Portuguese traditional melodies and pop rock records. The tracks begin slow and catch up during the chorus with strong powerful vocals and background guitar, drums and keyboard. My favorite track on the EP is “To The End”, it’s one of the catchiest singles. With brilliant rock guitar and drums, it creates an irresistible hook that makes you want to sing along with a chorus of “la la la la … YEAH!”

The music videos for the tracks “Promises” and “Love Song” give fans a look at the band inside the recording studio as Bela and Fernando sing and play the piano/keyboard and guitar and their brother Gabriel plays drums and percussion. The videos truly present how much passion the band puts into their music. Can’t wait to hear what they come out with next.