By: Alex Young

Echo Nebraska crafted a unique hybrid blend of spicy acoustic pop structures rooted in folk-based blues. By splashing colors from a wide variety of genres they’ve managed to make their debut EP Send the Ships, something that could easily secure them a slot opening for Mumford & Sons or City & Color. The band takes an equal number of pages from groups like Iron & Wine and The Punch Brothers by combining soul strung acoustic songs and intertwining them with subtle shades of country that sparkle throughout every track.

Their opening track and lead single “Hey Allison” sounds like southern gospel music more so than any indie hits currently pulsating on the radio. The band uses a diverse variety of instrumentation throughout the recording including violin over top of subtle electro programming during the breathtaking crescendo on the closing track “Pilgrim”. The swaying banjo hooks of “Nice Philosophy” and the somber melodies of the pedal steel guitar dance over top of the solemn vocals and soft piano chords on “I’ll Get It Right”.  These songs are glowing examples of the band’s ability to make every track shine. “Out of Time” is impactful via the imagery of the lyrics which evoke visions of picturesque landscapes where the mountains meet the ocean.

Echo Nebraska intertwines subtle shades of country music, and the effect sparkles throughout this debut.  Send the Ships certainly establishes the band with a unique sound that can stand against any of the acoustic acts that the industry is awash with today.