If you have read any of my previous reviews then you will surely know that, while I do like a fair amount of modern music, my heart lies with more classic-styled metal, like the Big 4. Not only did I cut my proverbial metal teeth on those such bands, but I just feel the raw aggression, power, and speed of these classic acts is both unmatched and unparalleled.

While it is true that the Big 4 are still around in one form or another, there are not many groups cranking out pure, neck-snapping thrash reminiscent of the days gone by. The scene has changed for sure, so when my editor Chris tossed me this one for review because he thought “I would dig it”, I was more than eager to give it a spin.

Scarred is a true and proper nod to the early masters of the genre, and while I am not saying they are Slayer or Exodus copycats, they do bring a fair amount of those influences to the table, yet still manage to create their own ballsy, melodic thrash sound that just totally kicks ass.

The dual guitars lay down powerful riffs and blazing solos with an intensity that will have even the casual listener cranking their neck and throwing the horns right alongside longtime fans of the genre. Jackie Petersen’s vocals are perfect for this type of music, fluctuating between a gruff sort of delivery and something along the lines of an early Joey Belladona (Anthrax).

A stripped down acoustic version of “Black Rebel Noise” closes out the disc perfectly, providing the listener an opportunity to regain their composure. Scarred combines aspects of old and new metal with a great amount of success. I really like this record and I think my fellow neck-wreckers are totally going to dig it as well!

Track Listing:

01. Scars of Time
02. 1000 Ways To Bleed
03. Black rebel Noise
04. Another Day In Hell
05. Poison Moon
06. 10000
07. Know Your Hate
08. Seven Minutes Of Pain
09. Statement
10. Mass Frustration
11. Black Rebel Noise (Acoustic Version)

Run Time: 49:20
Release Date: October 6, 2014

Check out the song “1000 Ways To Bleed”.