In 2006, All That Remains released their eruptive album The Fall of Ideals and were catapulted into the iTunes libraries of angsty teenagers everywhere, and hence into the mainstream. This definitive record was released almost 10 years ago, and three studio albums later, their writing style has inevitably evolved. Their developing sound has led their impending full-length The Order of Things to feature a fresh, slightly slower, and more mature feel. But ATR enthusiasts should not fear—even after all these years they are still metal as hell!

With 12 tracks The Order of Things is on the longer side, but almost every single song is an utterly addictive earworm. “The Greatest Generation” is a testament to their legacy, made clear by way of powerful lyrics, and the classic Oli Herbert guitar solo and winding riffage. Phil Labonte shows us that his vocal chords have stood the test of time, and he can still scream and do cleans flawlessly in the track “Tru-Kvlt-Metal”—the catchy chorus appropriately repeating the words “follow the crowd.”

“Bite My Tongue” is a solid representation of the album, and demonstrates just how far ATR has come over the years. It starts out as a fast-paced gem that is reminiscent of the early sound longtime fans crave, but spices things up with a few added elements that set it apart and make it groundbreaking. Bassist Jeanne Sagan proves that her singing is on par with her bass skills, providing backup vocals that undoubtedly add to the song’s musicality. Additionally, the track will capture the listener’s attention and refuse to let go, as the band utilizes the element of surprise with an unexpected, beautifully slow breakdown amidst the raging riffing and adrenaline-inducing drum work.

Ironically, the first track is titled “This Probably Won’t End Well,” when in truth, The Order of Things is a highly developed album, flowing effortlessly, and captivating the listener from the start to the very end.

Track Listing:

01. This Probably Won’t End Well
02. No Knock
03. Divide
04. The Greatest Generation
05. For You
06. A Reason for Me to Fight
07. Victory Lap
08. Pernicious
09. Bite My Tongue
10. Fiat Empire
11. Tru-Kvlt-Metal
12. Criticism and Self Realization

Run Time: 48:11
Release Date: February 24, 2015

Check out the song “No Knock”