Little Parasites, the debut release from New Jersey-based alt/rock duo 18th & Addison, is a decent collection of edgy, driving tunes. The band’s music can be difficult to label because of the various influences, but overall the songs are fairly hard-hitting and designed to get listeners out of their seats and moving to the beat.

With influences ranging from punk, to rock, to country, these easily accessible songs offer up a little bit of something for almost any music fan – and I imagine are even more energetic and fun in a live setting. I really like “Like Porcelain” and “Circles” (they’re more aggressive and unique than the others), but the rest of the disc, while decent, doesn’t really stand out or compel me to play again.

Musicians Kait DiBenedetto and Tom Kunzman each take their turn handling the microphone, which does add a bit more variety to the mix – when Dibenedetto is singing there is kind of a Flyleaf vibe to the music. Overall though, Little Parasites is an okay release that might be cool for hanging out with your buds and tossing a few back; it is fun, upbeat, danceable, but not groundbreaking or memorable.

Track Listing:

01. Like Porcelain
02. Circles
03. Jealousy
04. Consequences
05. Running
06. Too Many Faces
07. Central City Suicide

Run Time: 24:00
Release Date: January 20, 2015

Check out the song “Jealousy”