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“Take The Night” is a dose of alternative electronic rock from three-piece band The Starless, who hail from Gainesville, Virginia and was founded in the Spring of 2013. Their recently released debut EP Impulses Drive is the realization of the band’s boldest dreams, creating a unique, passionate, and often experimental new rock sound. The songs are electrifying, upbeat, often aggressive, and raw with emotion all at the same time which shows a very mature level of song writing for such a new band.

To get the best possible sound of their instruments and voices, The Starless worked with producers JK Royston and Dan Mineart, formerly of The Bigger Lights. The three band members and producers all got together over the Spring and Summer of 2014 which resulted in some inspired song writing. As Donny Sauer (bass, synths, backup vocals) explains, “Impulses Drive is a particularly meaningful release for all three of us. We each put a part of ourselves in to the project and it accurately portrays our journey as musicians and as a band. Every song has a story to it!”