You may have heard of Kait DiBenedetto without knowing it. At the very least, you’ve likely heard he music. DiBenedetto used to front Just Kait, one of MTV’s first recording artists, plus she’s also the guitarist in the band What’s Eating Gilbert (Chad Gibert of New Found Glory’s side project). DiBenedetto and bandmate Tom Kunzman formed 18th & Addison in November of 2013 and released their debut album Little Parasites on January 20th, 2015.

When, where and what was your first tattoo?
DiBenedetto: I got my first tattoo when I was 16. I was actually surprised my parents let me, but they knew I thought about it long and hard before I got it, so they were cool. I got the words “Faith Love Hope” around my right wrist.

Do any of your tattoos have a particularly special meaning behind them? If so, do share man!
DiBenedetto: They all obviously mean something or else I couldn’t have gotten them, but one that really means a lot to me is “Heart Means Everything” across my chest with the two swallows flying around it almost like they’re holding the words up. It signifies to always to stay true to your heart, regardless of what life, or love throws at you. The swallows represent my mom and dad who have always been there for me, but who also always told me to trust my heart and gut feeling. I also have a tattoo that says “Stay Gold”, The Outsiders is one of my favorite movies, and it’s one of my favorite tattoos. Then Tom and I each have a diamond tattooed on our ring fingers, so that one obviously means a lot to me!

Do you have a specific shop or artist that you frequent (insert shameless plug time!)?
DiBenedetto: My artist is Pat Sheridan. He’s actually one of the guitarists for Fit For An Autopsy, but he also tattoos and he used to tattoo at a local shop here in Toms River. He ended up leaving the State but I’ve followed him wherever he goes and try to always get some work done when he’s in town. He understands what I like and want, and I’ve always trusted him to put his own spin on things and have his own artistic freedom. He’s been tattooing me for about 6 years.

Do you have any new tattoos planned or underway? Give us the dirt dude!
DiBenedetto: I’ve had this idea for a long time but just wasn’t sure where I wanted to place it, but my grandfather who passed away LOVED the ’50s; everything from the diners, to the jukebox, to old cars, but especially the music back then and it’s something we’ve always had in common. He was a badass and I miss him every single day so I want to get a little montage of all his favorite things. It’ll probably be the start of a sleeve on my right arm soon enough.

Have you seen any fans with a band tattoo, anything crazy memorable?
DiBenedetto: Yes and it’s insane. A fan of my old band actually got my signature tattooed on her ribs and I told her she was crazy. I actually thought it was a joke but it was very real. Last time I saw her was when I played her sweet 16 so hopefully she still doesn’t regret it after all these years, haha.

We know you have one… tell us about that stoned/drunken joke-tattoo you once got…
DiBenedetto: Oh god! Let’s just say I have a stick figure tattooed on my arm of a man with a mustache, plaid shorts, a guitar, and a top hat. I got it on tour in a hotel room in a State I don’t even remember and my tour manager got a matching one, enough said, hahaha.

Do you have any tattoos that you now hate, want to replace, or have covered up, and why?
DiBenedetto: I gotta say as much as I love that I have a matching stick figure with someone, I wish I thought it through a little more, haha. I’d either cover it up or incorporate it in another tattoo so it doesn’t stand out as much, haha.

Have any tattoos that were painful. Like made you cry, see white light, and regret being born?
DiBenedetto: I think they’re all pretty terrible at first and after a while it actually a tarts to feel good, you get a little nostalgic but the two tattoos I’ve gotten that just sucked 100% through the entire time were my chest and my feet tattoos. I was literally counting the tiles in the ceiling to make the time go by faster. The worst pain ever. Never cried, but it still wasn’t something I could do over again!

Check out the song “Jealousy”


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