When Random Turns To Fate is the latest, albeit 2013, release from Matricide, and wow, this Israeli metal/hardcore act caught me completely off guard. I had never heard of these guys before but, holy shit, I hit play and was freaking blown away.

“Further From The End” leaps out of the box with a vengeance, smacking you in the face and sternly proclaiming that Matricide is the house and demands your full attention. This is a band that is all about the groove and the almighty riff, with a musical style that is somewhat in the vein of Pantera – on more than one occasion the vocals and the catchy in-your-face riffs have a heavy, Southern metal vibe that was once perfected by Phil Anselmo and the boys.

The comparisons to Pantera end there though as the Southern metal vibe is contrasted nicely with terrific lead guitar work that has a Middle Eastern flair to it which I found to be both cool and different. When Random Turns To Fate is a solid listen; this band has a ton of potential!

Track Listing:

01. Further From The End
02. Wear & Tear
03. Not An Option
04. What Is Real
05. Burn Me With Your Sun
06. Set To Clean
07. The Point Of No Return
08. Unreality
09. When Random Turns To Fate

Run Time: 39:44
Release Date: December 4, 2013

Check out the album ‘When Random Turns To Fate’