Sydney, Australia’s Graveyard Rockstars recently released their debut album, Doomsday, and did so independently, sans label. This comes as a shock considering they have played shows with bands like Misfits and Sepultura, moreover because their music is absolutely infectious! Melding together hard rock, goth, and a grungy attitude, these Aussie rockers are well worthy of their band name.

If I could describe this group in any way, I would say that most songs remind me of early 2000’s H.I.M., but sped up, and much more in-your-face, with an old school heavy metal vibe. Their sound is not cohesive though, and not all tracks have this quality. What every song does have though, is vocalist Ash Rothschild’s haunting voice that effortlessly complements the beautiful and poetic lyrics. Slower parts will leave you breathless and dreamy, but Graveyard Rockstars can still bring the heavy and leave you gasping.

The track “Sleepless September” is one of their catchier, and in my opinion, best works. The chorus reels you in, but the wonderfully dirty guitar-work keeps you hooked; reminiscent of early Alice In Chains, but with a spooky, classic rock and roll twist.

The surprises continue on Doomsday well into the final track. “The Sickness” begins with an unexpectedly proggy riff, soon met with a punchy, almost tribal drum beat and finished off with a refreshing keyboard part that lingers until the end. The fast paced song melts into a beautiful electronic-symphonic ending that really works to make this closing track the pinnacle of Doomsday.

Their debut is a really nice work that shows the vast potential that Graveyard Rockstars both possess, and effectively flaunt. My only issue is that the songs are all quite eclectic and indicate they have yet to nail down their definitive sound. They are getting really close, but musically there is still a bit too much going on that leads to a few songs feeling cluttered.

Overall, for an independently released debut, Graveyard Rockers have crafted an incredible and fresh album that is unlike any other you are going to hear in this day and age. I can’t wait to rock out to what they do next.

Track Listing:

01. Demonatrix
02. Disengage
03. Sleepless September
04. Dusk Till Dawn
05. The Killing
06. Doomsday Anthem
07. Vow Of Silence
08. Black Widow Intro
09. Black Widow
10. The Sickness

Run Time: 41:29
Release Date: December 5, 2014

Check out the song “The Killing”