The Tampa Bay, Florida-based rock/power pop band, Four Star Riot, are back with a new EP. This hard working group plays a slick, polished brand of punchy rock accented by a fair amount of funk and soul, creating a relaxed and easily accessible vibe that, perhaps, accounts for their long-lasting career.

Lead singer Steve Alex’s smooth, soulful vocals soar atop a funky vibe created by the rhythm section, making these songs stand out a bit more from anything else in the genre. The songs are well-written and it is clear these guys know their way around their respective instruments. This is music meant for partying and having a good time, and I tip my hat to the guys for keeping the songs uncomplicated and uncluttered; the focus is totally on the tunes as a whole, not individual shredding or showboating.

The EP begins a little on lighter side, hitting full stride on the second half with the edgier, harder hitting tunes “I’m Dreaming” and “Night Is Young.” This is music that makes you want to get up and move, so if that is your thing, check out Four Star Riot and get your groove on!

Track Listing:

01. Hey Jackie (feat. John Ditty of Project Save c.a hircus)
02. Stars Above
03. I’m Dreaming
04. Night Is Young

Run Time: 14:04
Release Date: April 15, 2014

Check out the song “Hey Jackie (feat. John Ditty)”