On Sunday, December 14, 2014, hundreds were in attendance at Woodbridge Heroes Comics in Woodbridge, Ontario to be part of an autograph signing and live taping of the podcast Talk Is Jericho, featuring Fozzy’s Chris Jericho. Luckily for you, we were the only website to have an exclusive in to photograph Fozzy’s lead singer doing his thing.

Jericho was in town to promote his new book “The Best In The World, At What I don’t Know,” his third book, and third to make it onto the NY bestsellers list. We’ll have a review of the book in a bit, so hold tight.

The podcast was hosted by Toronto’s very own Damian Abraham, frontman of Fucked Up! For those who were privy to be at the live taping, you heard Fozzy tour stories and Jericho wrestling talk, and were treated to a special guest, the one and only, Santino Marella. Don’t fret my pet’s you can check out Jericho’s podcast on iTunes. Check out our exclusive pics and have a listen to the Talk Is Jericho’s podcast.