With the release of their new, self-titled album, Dead Broke is yet another band to avoid the sophomore curse. From beginning to end, this album doesn’t have a song that I would want to skip over. Dead Broke hails from Oakville, Ontario and nothing thrills me quite like an amazing Canadian punk band.

Each song on Dead Broke rolls into the next, making this album incredibly easy to listen to on repeat; it’ll be hours before you realize you’ve listened to it ten times and now know the words to all your favourite parts… that didn’t happen to me, of course… it happened to a friend… yea, a friend.

From the opening song, “Baby’s Leavin,” to the very end, each song offers dope vocals and lyrics to which you will definitely want to scream, shout, and sing a long. The drums are bang-your-head-against-the-wall amazing, and the guitar riffs are intoxicating. Mix that all together and you have one fantastic recording!

Clear a spot on your shag carpet, lie on your back, and gaze deep into the ceiling while you play “Vapour Lock.” “Moonshine Queen” is that badass song that has a good stomping beat that every rock album requires, and it makes you want to usurp the throne of the moonshine queen. Make sure you stick around for the bonus at the end of “Gen X,” definitely worth waiting in silence, or you can use the time to text all of your friends and tell them to buy Dead Broke’s Dead Broke.

Run Time: 39:23
Release Date: October 24, 2014

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