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Here is a shot of melodic rock courtesy of Delaware-based band, Awake At Last, with their latest song “Rude.” Delaware isn’t typically known for having a strong rock scene so you could say that this Dover area band really had the odds stacked against them before they even started. The group is a five-piece that have been playing together for over three years now and have become known for their melody-driven songs and high energy live performances which helped then make a name for themselves in the Northeastern U.S. Awake At Last is all about positivity and place a high importance on inspiring their audience through reminding them to chase their dreams, remain true to yourself and never give up.

Career highlights for Awake At Last thus far include sharing the stage with Crown The Empire, Glass Cloud, Terrible Things, Chasing Safety This Or The Apocalypse and Honorcrest. They’ve also played spots on such huge festivals like the Vans Warped Tour, Lancaster’s Launch Music Festival and the Heart of Texas Rockfest (a branch of the South by Southwest music festival). An overwhelming amount of positive feedback has the band committed to hitting the road as often as possible with lots more planned for 2015.