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Wolf Blood – “Dancing On Your Grave” [Free Song Download]

Coming at you from Duluth, Minnesota, check out the free song download of Wolf Blood’s doom-inducing, sludgy new track, “Dancing On Your Grave.”



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We are happy to be offering up the track “Dancing On Your Grave” from Duluth, Minnesota metal band Wolf Blood. The group is a four piece, consisting of three dudes and one awesome guitar playing chick named Mandy. Combined, they pack a powerful punch, with some bad-ass, in-your-face rock n’ roll, inspired by their upbringing in the cold and damp surroundings of Duluth. The band’s powerful sound and addictive sounding riffs may remind you of Windhand and Goatsnake, two influential acts that came before them.

Wolf Blood only formed two short years ago when guitarist Mike Messina and drummer Jake Paulsrude (Dad’s Acid) began writing psycho-sludge experiments that sounded too stoned to be metal, and too baneful to be indie-rock. To further refine their sound, Messina and Paulsrude enlisted hard-core guitar sorceress Mindy Johnson (The Keep Aways) and magi-roots bassist Brian Wells to flesh-out and build on creating a more menacing sound. After recently signing to Burning World Records, Wolf Blood have released their debut record, a seven song, 35 minute wallop that is sure to leave you feeling like you just got hit in the face… in a good way.