Tommy Rogers aka Thomas Giles’s Modern Noise is a way cool version of a choose your own adventure story wherein listeners get to decide which story to follow; lyrical or instrumental. Modern Noise is definitely the kind of album that requires repeat listening, not only due to its complexity, but also because, well, it’s pretty awesome and you’ll want to.

Rogers has dramatically changed his solo style from his first releases as Giles in 2004, but since Pulse came out Thomas Giles has seemed to not only hone in on his sound, but also continue to develop it throughout Modern Noise. With the help of drummer Will Goodyear, Rogers’s solo sound has dramatically matured. Rogers’s solo work is clearly influenced by his work with Between the Buried and Me, despite the removal from metal.

Modern Noise definitely has a repetitive theme throughout, but it is this simple repetition of melodies, riffs and lyrics which add to the album’s complexity and make it an even more bad-ass listen. The album opens with an instrumental tune aptly named “Wise and Silent” and stops near the middle for a chilled-out, jazzy number (“Blueberry Queen”) which will have you melting happily into Rogers’s raspy vocals. The album ends with the song “Modern Noise,” which wraps up the recording neatly with an emphasis on the instrumental. A warning: you’ll want to hold on tight for the “I Appear Disappear” guitar solo, it’s all kinds of wet-your-pants awesome!

This is an album you should add to your life, if you like any of the following: Between the Buried and Me, Tommy Rogers’ work as Giles, pretty album covers, ever-evolving albums, or if you just like to do nice things to your ears every once in awhile. Treat them to an album that listens well in a hot bubble bath (I tested this, it goes perfectly with a hot bath).

Track Listing:

01. Wise and Silent
02. Mutilated World
03.Siphon the Bad Blood
04. I Appear Disappear
05. Blueberry Queen
06. We Wander Lonely
07. M3
08. lkcvjvhljbvj≥˜∆˚nnnjmkjijm
09. Noise Upon
10. Wander Drug
11. The Devil Net
12. Modern Noise

Run Time: 46 minutes
Release Date: November 25, 2014

Check out the song “Mutilated World”