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The Amity Affliction @ O2 Islington Academy (London, UK) on December 2, 2014 [Show Review]

Aussie hardcore favourites The Amity Affliction rolled into London on their latest UK tour headlining a night that left hardcore fans talking about for days afterwards.



Last week Australian post-hardcore/metalcore veterans, The Amity Affliction, stormed into London by ending their UK tour at the O2 Islington. Upon opening the venue, the frozen crowd was already trailing all the way around to the main high street and the chatter amongst fans was rife with excitement to see the Australian band perform. The main topic of the evening was about the departure of founding member and guitarist Troy Brady in October, which left much disappointment amongst the fans.

Opening up the night was UK band Napoleon, who made a commendable effort to warm up the already heaving crowd. Following them was current UK melodic metal/hardcore favourites, Heart in Hand. Vocalist Charlie Holmes has always been known for giving explosive and memorable performances and that night that statement stood. With Ed Hartwell and Ollie Wilson on guitar and Gavin Thane on bass it was a fantastically structured set. The chemistry between them and of course drummer Sam Brennan smashing away at the drums was evident and made their set all the more exciting and enjoyable.

Next up, all the way from Ohio, was The Plot In You. They were met with a new rush of excitement and screams from the crowd. Vocalist Landon Tewers tore up the stage boldly and was met with the crowds’ obvious pleasure. Bassist Ethan Yoder and Guitarist Josh Childress stomped around the stage whilst drummer Alex Ballew punished the drums mercilessly. At the end of the night the word outside was that The Plot In You came away as the strongest band of the night.

Headliners The Amity Affliction finally came on and suddenly the photo pit was full and the crowd was pushing into the walls. Opening with “Pittsburgh” the crowd swelled with energy and bodies flew left and right. Playing songs like “Death’s Hand” and “The Weigh Down” appeared to be the night’s favourites as the band crashed around the stage. Ending on “Never Alone” the crowd shouted for an encore and the band graciously obliged with “Open Letter” and “Don’t Lean On Me”.

The night appeared to be a roaring success and was indeed talked about for many days thereafter. The Amity Affliction have just announced a new European tour, supporting Of Mice & Men, so we wont have to wait to long to see some of our favourite Aussies again!

Check out the song “Death’s Hand”