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Hey all you Vikings and wannabe Vikings, we got some hard-ass Norwegian metal for you to take a bite out of! Comprised of Andreas Viken (guitar), Jonas Endresen Moa (vocals), Ruben Krogstad (guitar), Eirik Berdahl (bass), and Sigve Sjømæling Nordgaard (drums), Strandhugg originates from Trondhem and play a genre of metal they refer to as “neo-Viking Djent metal.” If that’s not original sounding, we don’t know what is! Listening to Strandhugg is like listening to groups like Meshuggah, Lamb of God, and Periphery mixed into a tight headbanging experience and blasted from the roof of the world.

The band’s latest work is an album called Norn. The members put forth a totally DIY experience with Norn, untouched by record labels, managers and other music higher ups. They recorded the album in the dark winter months of 2013 which really contributed to the theme and feel of the listening experience. Released earlier this year, Norn provides the listener a varied listening experience from five members with different tastes in music, a love for bending influences, and writing songs together as a band.