There is little information on Ukrainian metal outfit Septa, except that it seems they’ve been knocking around since 2006 and reformed in 2010. Described as an alternative metal/djent/deathcore/electronic album, Destroyer is as jittery, twisted and unhinged as you’d expect things to sound when you combine alt-metal with deathcore before giving it an electronic twist.

Listening to the slightly disturbing “Ruins On Ruins On Ruins,” as is the case with the rest of the album, you can pick out the influences quite easily. From Faith No More to System Of A Down to Converge to Deftones, there is something quite hypnotic about their alt-rock, screaming, hardcore, metallic mayhem. Be warned though, while the brash, unrelenting pulse will drag you in and smash your senses into a million pieces, the band show they aren’t averse to throwing the odd curveball into the mix with the serene electronica of “I, Havoc” bringing a sense of peace to proceedings.

As the haunting tones of “I, Havoc” finish, it’s clear that Septa’s music inhabits a place where anything goes. From the bat shit bonkers metallic side of their persona to their more serene, gentler moments, Septa are clearly a band who like to experiment with their sound, and thankfully the results of their experimentation rarely doing anything other than hit the mark.

Track Listing:

01. Destroyer, Pt 1
02. Ruins On Ruins On Ruins
03. Destroyer, Pt 2
04. I, Havoc
05. Destroyer, Pts 3 & 4
06. Unmaker Omega
07. Destroyer, Pt 5

Run Time: 25:44
Release Date: October 10, 2014

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