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American thrash metal band Mass Punishment’s conception began in 2008 after guitarist Chris Milos’ honorable discharge from the United States Army. Upon wandering desolate Baghdad and witnessing firsthand the horror and brutality of war, Chris returned home with something to say. Using combat as the platform for his music, he formed the band Mass Punishment and started writing the heavy riffs and lyrics to set the stage and bring his message to life.

2014 proved a monumental year for Mass Punishment and they dropped their colossal full-length album, Proving Grounds Vol. 1. This year alone, the group also shared the stage with GWAR, Decapitated, and Unearth. PureGrainAudio is proud to bring you a free download of the band’s single “300 Miles to Baghdad” – the thrashing product of all-American, in-your-face, heavy fucking metal!