The promo material that accompanied this album describes Execration as being “One of death metal’s best kept secrets”; definitely big shoes to fill for any band. Their first two releases certainly show there is some credit to that statement, but now, on album number three, Morbid Dimensions, the band really need to show exactly how much truth there is to that declaration.

Morbid Dimensions, however, gets off to quite a slow start with “Cosmic Mausoleum”, and in fact, the first three tracks, although good, don’t really live up to the band’s potential. That all changes though, on the title track which sees the band experiment a bit more, and move away from the more traditional death metal sounds. Ironically it is the moments when Execration do experiment that provide the best parts of the album. This, however, doesn’t happen often enough and as a result Execration have created a decent album with a few solid hints of “what could have been”.

When you are labelled as a “best kept secret,” the hope is that you can produce an album that firmly puts you into the spotlight. Sadly, for Execration Morbid Dimensions is not that recording. Not that it’s a bad album in the slightest, it’s a perfectly good death metal effort which, despite some glimpses, on the whole is unfortunately lacking enough of that little bit extra that would have made Morbid Dimensions great, and thus taken the band to the next level.

Track Listing:

01. Cosmic Mausoleum
02. Ritual Hypnosis
03. Doppelgangers
04. Morbid Dimensions
05. Tribulation Shackles
06. Vestiges
07. Ancient Tongue
08. Miasmal Sabbath
09. Funeral Procession

Run Time: 1:02:00
Release Date: December 9, 2014

Check out the song “Morbid Dimensions”