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Alienized is an experimental metal band from Argentina that formed in 2009. The group’s goal is to give people a fresh and interesting perspective on experimental and eccentric metal genres. The group consists of on vocals, Dario Vallejo, Nahuel Wolf and Leo Martinez on guitars, Mauricio Ojeda on bass, NeMesis keyboards and synthesizers and July Gimenez on drums. Alienized has countless metal influences, including progressive and extreme that they blend into an experimental style of play. They released a self-titled debut EP last December and followed that up with some live gigs to get their name out.

Currently, Alienized is in the midst of the writing process for what will be their new album set to come out in early 2015, along with a re-release of their debut EP, this time in physical format. They recently joined back up with original bassist Mauricio Ojeda which has brought some power back into their sound. The band’s hope is that with their new album, they will be able to go beyond Argentina and start touring the rest of the world.