The Skinny: The release date for The Suffocating Darkness, the highly anticipated sophomore album by Dutch blackened death doom metallers Soulburn, is drawing near (Monday, November 17, 2014 – digital only in North America). For a preview of The Suffocating Darkness, the band have posted the new single “In Suffocating Darkness.”

Soulburn’s drummer (and ex-Asphyx founding member) Bob Bagchus comments: “‘In Suffocating Darkness’ is the title-track of our upcoming album. It’s a mid-paced straight-to-the-core track with sawing riffs, down to earth upbeats and vocals full of hatred.”

The Suffocating Darkness was recorded with Harry Wijering (Harrow Productions) and mix/mastering duties were taken over by Dan Swanö (Unisound Recordings). The artwork was designed by Timo Ketola (Watain, Deathspell, Omega) and additional artwork was provided by Roberto Toderico (Sinister, Asphyx).

The Suffocating Darkness Track Listing:

01. Apotheosis Infernali (Intro)
02. Under The Rise Of A Red Moon
03. The Mirror Void
04. In Suffocating Darkness
05. Absinthesis
06. Hymn Of The Forsaken II
07. Black Aura
08. I Do Not Bleed From Your Crown Of Thorns
09. Wielding Death
10. Claws Of Tribulation
11. Eden’s Last Sigh (Outro)

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