Released in dedication to the memory of Relapse Records’ Pat Egan, Mass & Volume is a two-track EP comprising songs recorded at the end of Pig Destroyer’s recording sessions for their crushing Phantom Limb EP back in 2006.

Renowned for their ferocious face-peeling grindcore, Mass & Volume sees the grinders slam on the brakes for two tracks of solemn, droning doom. Showcasing another side to their persona, the two tracks crawl mournfully along, with “Red Tar” in particular plunging this twenty-five minute lesson in downtuned rumbling sludge to new depths of heaviness.

If you’re used to the breakneck ferocity of Pig Destroyer at their finest, Mass & Volume is going to throw you a right curveball, but it will be one that shows exactly why this groundbreaking extreme metal band are held in such high regard. It’s also for a truly worthy cause so there’s no excuse really for not picking up this EP.

Track Listing:

01. Mass & Volume
02. Red Tar

Run Time: 25:11
Release Date: October 14, 2014

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