When people told Memphis May Fire vocalist Matty Mullins that there was no way they could put their fans in the same room as fans of Yellowcard, he just had to prove them wrong! Memphis May Fire and Yellowcard decided to put together a genre-defying tour to celebrate music. During Memphis May Fire’s set, Mullins made a joke about their music scaring all the Yellowcard fans, but Yellowcard played a joke on the members of Memphis May Fire to get them back for the comment. During the last song of their set, Yellowcard joined Memphis May Fire on stage, over-exaggerating, headbanging, and running around like lunatics. As Mullins said goodbye to crowd with a smile on his face, he commented how awesome it was Yellowcard joined them on stage, but that they now felt like complete dorks. One thing was extremely clear; both bands seemed to have made lifelong friends. Memphis May Fire and Yellowcard played the famous Regency Ballroom in San Francisco, CA on November 16th, 2014 as the last stop on the tour.